What is an Industrial Carpet

Before you know what an industrial carpet is, you really need to know what it isn't, it is not really meant for home use, it is not built primarily for comfort and it is usually sold in bulk. The main purpose of industrial carpet is to cheaply and effectively cover a huge floor space, making it look tidy and professional, without the huge expenses that would come with buying carpet for domestic and home use.

These types of carpets are not a new creation and have been used for decades, many business owners swear by them as they are a brilliant way to save money and since they are so strong, they last for a very long time.

Where Are They Used?

They are usually used in commercial buildings, anything from shops to museums, places where carpets are needed, but the actual comfort of the carpet isn't important, as in most commercial settings, customers will be wearing footwear and therefore will not notice if the carpet isn't as comfortable as their ones at home.

They are used in all sorts of locations and not necessarily in standard commercial settings, for instance the owner of a large block of flats may buy a bulk amount of industrial carpet to furnish every single flat with. It may not be as comfortable as most house hold carpets, but for the owner it is cost effective and easy to get hold of.

Is It Low Quality?

Before saying whether or not industrial carpets are low quality, they are definitively not as comfortable as most house hold carpets are. This does not mean they are of a low quality though. Industrial carpets are meant to be robust and last for a long time, since they are usually used in settings where there are huge amounts of foot fall, the slight decrease in comfort means they are strong enough to last and won't break up easily.

On the other hand they are not as comfortable when compared to a house hold carpet, but house hold carpets are usually not subjected to thousands of people walking on them, therefore they are able to be more comfortable without risking damage. To answer the question in short, industrial carpets are not low quality, they are extremely strong which is exactly what is needed from them.

Are They Stylish?

When you buy industrial carpets, it is usually with practicality in mind and not with fashion in mind. However they can still look extremely stylish if you want them to, you can buy them in bright colours and you can buy basic patterned carpets as well, they will look better than solid colour industrial carpets but they won't be winning art competitions any time soon.

Most people who use these types of carpets will want plain colours, which are not too bright, dull shades of brown or blue, these are perfect for office environments. Dull colours work well because if they accidentally get stained or tarnished, the marks are not as noticeable as they would be in a brightly coloured carpet.