Tuftex Industrial Carpet

Have you ever visited a hotel and wondered how it is possible that they have such plush carpets, that thousands of people walk on every year, yet they always seem to stay clean and lovely to the touch?  Or maybe you work in a carpeted office and seem to have spilled your coffee all over the floor about a hundred times, yet the carpet continues to look in a good condition.  Of course, good cleaning plays a very big part in this, but the main reason is because these carpets are industrial carpets: especially made for extremely heavy traffic and with fibres woven in such a way that they hide footprints and dirt.

What Is Tuftex Industrial Carpet?

Tuftex industrial carpet is an industrial carpet where the fibres are twisted in a specific way: tuftex twist.  Its backing is comfort felt and it is suitable for heavy wear, often with a ten year guarantee.  The pile of a Tuftex industrial carpet is made out of 100% polypropylene. 

Where Can I Purchase Tuftex Industrial Carpet?

In the United Kingdom, Tuftex industrial carpet can be purchased for different carpet companies, particularly those that specialise in industrial carpets.  One such company is Home Craft Carpets in Nottinghamshire.  They can be contacted by post, telephone and email or can be visited in store on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (they are closed Wednesday and Sunday).

Estimated Costs of Tuftex Industrial Carpet

Prices of Tuftex industrial carpet are usually given in square meters. 

  • If you need Tuftex industrial carpet with fitting (so supply only), you can expect to pay around £11 per square meter. 
  • With fitting, Tuftex industrial carpet will cost around £15 per square meter. 

Quotes are free of course, and it never costs any money to ask.

Tuftex industrial carpet is one of the better value industrial carpets, as most of them can be very expensive.  This is one of the reasons why Tuftex industrial carpet is chosen by so many.  It is said to last at least ten years, usually with guarantee, and is in effect not much more expensive than residential carpet.  Furthermore, it is available in many different colours, such as different shades of brown, blue, red, turquoise and camel.

Having industrial carpet is a must if you have an office, a bed and breakfast, a commercial property, a hotel, or anything else where traffic is well above average.  Not only because using residential carpet means you would have to change it regularly, as they are not made to withstand that sort of traffic, but also because you have a responsibility to the health and safety of your customers or clients.  A fault in the carpet, such as a tear or rip, could cost you a hefty law suit as well as potentially causing serious injury.  Tuftex industrial carpet can be all that you have been looking for: comfortable, pleasing to the eye, guaranteed to last ten years and of very good value.