Smartstrand Industrial Carpet

Industrial carpets are used in areas that experience very heavy foot traffic.  Offices, hotels, reception areas, hospitals, schools and many more use industrial carpet.  This is done for a variety of reasons.  Industrial carpet is easy to clean, is long lasting and hard wearing, hides marks from small spills and footprints and conforms to health and safety.  Naturally, if you own a commercial property of any kind, you are responsible for the health and safety of all those that come into that property and it is therefore of vital importance that your flooring surfaces are safe and cannot cause slips, trips or falls, potentially leading to serious injury.

What Is Smartstrand Industrial Carpet?

Smartstrand industrial carpets are industrial carpets made by Mohwak.  Smartstrand industrial carpet is of a patented design and made of renewably sourced polymer.  The fibre is made with bio-PDO, produced from corn sugar.  This means that Smartstrand industrial carpet is the first industrial carpet that is made from renewable materials whilst remaining soft to the touch and remaining durable.

Smartstrand industrial carpet also has superior stain resistance, meaning it will never wear or wash off.  Stain protectors, in other words, will never need to be used after steam cleaning a Smartstrand industrial carpet.  Smartstrand industrial carpet is environmentally smart due to the following reasons:

  • The production of the polymer requires much less energy (30% less) than the production of ordinary nylon, which is usually used in industrial carpets.
  • The greenhouse gasses that are emitted when polymer is produced is 63% less than the greenhouse gasses emitted during the production of ordinary nylon.
  • For every seven square yards of carpet that is produced, a gallon of gasoline is saved in comparison to other carpets.

Where Can I Purchase Smartstrand Industrial Carpet?

Smartstrand industrial carpet is available from most Mohawk dealers.  Mohawk, at present, operates solely in the United States and Canada.  Stockists can easily be found by contacting Mohawk through their website or their dedicated telephone and email helpline, meaning it should not take you long to find a dealer in the United States or Canada.

Estimated Costs of Smartstrand Industrial Carpet

The cost of Smartstrand industrial carpet will vary greatly on the type of carpet you require, the area you want it to cover and any designs you want incorporated in your carpet.  However, the price you pay for the carpet will be worth it, as the quality of a Smartstrand industrial carpet is absolutely amazing and you will be making a positive contribution towards sustainable energy and maintaining the environment.

Having an industrial carpet is a requirement by law if you have a commercial property, as you are responsible for the health and safety of anyone that enters your premises.  By choosing a Smartstrand industrial carpet, you will not only ensure that the health and safety of your staff and patrons is protected, but you will also have a stylish design to match your needs, as well as reducing your carbon footprint and making a positive contribution to the environment.