MSC Industrial Carpet

Industrial carpets are carpets that are placed in heavy usage areas, like businesses and companies.  These carpets are especially made to sustain heavy traffic from visitors and staff.  They often come in carpet tiles, rather than a single carpet roll.  Naturally, industrial carpets also require specialised cleaning, done by industrial carpet cleaning.

What Is MSC Industrial Carpet?

MSC industrial carpet is an American organisation that specialises in cleaning and cleaning products for industrial carpets.  They offer brooms, sweepers and dustpans; vacuum cleaners and accessories; brushes and dusters; squeegees and accessories; cleaning carts, organisers and signs; mops and mopping equipment; and floor scrubbing and polishing equipment.

Ensuring your industrial carpet stays clean will increase the length of its life and will ensure it stays looking clean.  Furthermore, cleaning your industrial carpet will ensure that allergens are removed, protecting the environment in which your staff and customers operate.  MSC Industrial Carpet offers you all the possible products you could need to ensure your carpet stays clean and of high quality.

Where Can I Purchase MSC Industrial Carpet?

MSC Industrial Carpet can be contacted via telephone, email and live chat.  They have a very comprehensive website listing all their products and services and offer the option to create an account through a simple registration process.  It is very easy to find any products you need and their staff is always on call and more than happy to help.  They have supplied industrial products for many years and are highly knowledgeable in their field of expertise.

Estimated Costs of MSC Industrial Carpet

MSC Industrial Carpet offers different prices for all their different products.  For example, shop sweepers, designed specifically for shop floors come in a variety of ranges and sizes.  Some of MSC Industrial Carpet’s shop sweepers are:

  • The 24’’ Pro-Brooms, which is a dust mop kit that can be used with the pro-broom sweeper.  This product is made by Trynex International, a well respected company specialising in cleaning, including MSC industrial carpet.  This product will cost around £100, not including delivery.
  • The 72’’ Pro-Brooms, the same product but much larger, will cost around £400, again not including delivery.

MSC Industrial Carpet also offer products to wash industrial carpets.  For example:

  • A Minuteman carpet blower, specialising in removing small particles of dust from industrial carpets, costing around £375, not including delivery.
  • A Studebaker Air Path Floor Dryer, specially made to dry industrial carpets, will cost around £575, again not including delivery.

Industrial carpets, in summary, are carpets that are used in areas where there is very heavy traffic from customers and staff.  These carpets require specialised cleaning and MSC Industrial Carpet specialises in this type of cleaning and offers all products that you could possibly need to ensure your industrial carpet remains clean and of high standard, which is important not just for the presentation of your company, but also for health and safety reasons: a snag in your industrial carpet could cause a slip, trip or fall, potentially leading to serious injury and law suits.