Maintaining Industrial Carpet

Industrial carpets are characteristically extremely tough and will withstand a lot of footfall, this makes them perfect for commercial settings, but they still need to receive regular maintenance to ensure they stay in the best condition possible, for the longest amount of time possible.

After all they cost a lot to buy, and regularly maintaining them can add years to their life time, and it only takes a few simple jobs done every so often to keep them in top condition. Regular maintenance will certainly make industrial carpets last longer, but conversely, not cleaning them will mean they deteriorate extremely quickly, a lot quicker than you would expect.

Why Use Vacuuming?

You really need to be vacuuming the carpet daily to keep it in the best condition, this will depend on the foot fall though, in many scenarios a bi-daily vacuuming will work just as well. This method of cleaning is the most effective and simple way to maintain carpets, and it is also not very expensive when compared to other cleaning solutions.

The obvious point is to not neglect your industrial carpet and rarely vacuum it, since even the slightest amount of grit and dirt that people deposit on carpets via their shoes can deeply affect the carpet. If you allow the grit and dirt to build up over the course of a few days or a week, you will not only have a very dirty carpet but it will also be heavily damaged.

In order for your carpets to be vacuumed as effectively as possible, you really need to hire professional cleaners to do the job for you, as many people don't the skills or time required to truly clean an industrial carpet to a high level.

Keeping A Professional Look

Whilst one of the most obvious advantages of maintaining a carpet is that you will save money in the long term as you can wait longer before buying new carpet, another aspect of carpet maintenance that many people overlook is that it makes your building look professional.

If you walk into an office building or a shop and the carpet is of a poor quality, it looks likes it's falling apart and it's dirty, people will be immediately put off. They will immediately ask themselves 'if they treat their carpet this badly, how do they treat the rest of their business and their customers?'.

If you want to maintain an image of professionalism then maintaining your carpet is crucial, you don't want potential clients turning away just because your carpet isn't in good condition, it may seem trivial but imagine the scenario from the point of view from a potential client.

Another thing that ties into both carpet maintenance and keeping a professional look is stain removal. Whilst stains will not physically harm the integrity of a carpet, they look extremely unsightly and you should look to remove any stains from your industrial carpets immediately. Most stains are simple to remove, and getting rid of them will make your carpet look much better.