Lees Industrial Carpet

Industrial carpet is the type of carpet that is used in buildings with very heavy foot traffic.  For example, hospitals, hotels, offices, airport lounges, ferries, nursing homes and schools are all areas where you will find industrial carpet.  Not only are these hard wearing and build to last under heavy foot traffic, they are also very good at hiding footprints and spills, as well as being very easy to clean.  Lastly, industrial carpets are an essential part of health and safety, as the owner of a commercial property has responsibility for the safety and well being of all people that enter the building and hence needs to be able to provide a floor surface on which people are not likely to trip or fall.

What Is Lees Industrial Carpet?

Lees Industrial Carpet is part of the Mohawk group, meaning they provide carpets that have been made from recycled materials and support sustainable energy and communities.  Lees Industrial Carpet specialises in providing carpets for healthcare and education.

Lees Industrial Carpet also produces custom design carpets, meaning you can incorporate a logo or pattern in your office carpet.  It can be a very visually attractive feature to have the logo of your business incorporated in the carpet of your reception area, for example, or on the floors of your elevators.

Where Can I Purchase Lees Industrial Carpet?

Lees Industrial Carpet is available online through their website or by telephone.  They also have representatives in both the United States and Canada who would be very happy to visit you and help you with your design, as well as being able to show you samples of the industrial carpets that are available.  Their website offers a fully comprehensive catalogue as well as giving you the opportunity to view past projects for ideas and inspiration.

Lees Industrial Carpets also has two showrooms, one in New York and one in Illinois, where you are welcome to visit and discuss your requirements with one of Lees Industrial Carpets’ knowledgeable employees.

Estimated Costs of Lees Industrial Carpet

Prices of Lees Industrial Carpet will vary greatly, as they specialise in offering you custom and contemporary design.  The price will depend on:

  • the type of design you require
  • the type of carpet
  • the thickness and feel of the carpet itself
  • the size of the area you want covering

Lees Industrial Carpet also prides itself on its service of extra fast delivery if need be, meaning that the speed at which you require your carpet will also influence the price.  However, they also offer a product called “ready, steady, roll”, which does not have intricate designs, but is always in stock and can be delivered very quickly.  The benefit of this carpet is that you can roll it straight away.

So, if you do have a commercial property or a building in which foot traffic is very heavy, you may want to look into purchasing industrial carpet.  Purchasing a Lees Industrial Carpet will ensure you have a beautiful design that suits your needs and your budget, but you will also be making a positive contribution towards saving the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.