Karastan Industrial Carpet

Industrial carpets have come a long way from the boring blue, coarse carpets that they used to be.  They can now be made in any colour and design, as well as offering specialist fibres that are pleasing to the touch as well as the eye.  As most industrial flooring comes in tile form, many companies are now even able to incorporate logos in your flooring, which can really enhance the visual impact of your business, particularly in your reception area for example.  Furthermore, industrial carpets last a long time, are easy to clean and usually have a long guarantee to last under very heavy foot traffic.

What Is Karastan Industrial Carpet?

Karastan Industrial Carpet is a company based in both the United States and Canada that specialises in industrial and commercial carpets, in particular:

  • Ready to ship
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Hard surfaces

They have design tools that allow you to customise patterns.  They are also the largest recycler in the carpeting industry, meaning that you would also be helping the environment as well as supporting sustainable growth if you choose to purchase a Karastan industrial carpet.

Where Can I Purchase Karastan Industrial Carpet?

You can purchase Karastan industrial carpet online, where their design tool is also available.  They also have representatives all over the United States and Canada who would be more than happy to visit your office to discuss your needs.  Karastan industrial carpets can also be seen in one of their two showrooms in New York and in Illinois.

Estimated Costs of Karastan Industrial Carpet

Costs of Karastan industrial carpets will vary greatly depending on the design you are looking for and the area you want to cover.  It is important to remember that by purchasing a Karastan industrial carpet, you are also helping the environment, as they are committed to sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.  Not only will you have a beautiful carpet that will last a long time and conforms to all safety regulations (not to mention they are easy to clean and hide dirt and footprints!), but you will be making a positive contribution to maintaining our environment and keeping the world green.

Industrial carpet is an important aspect of health and safety in any office or business or commercial premise.  This is because you have responsibility for the well being of all those that enter your office, be they staff, visitors or customers.  It is hence vitally important that you have a carpet in place that lasts and will not have any rips and tears in it, potentially causing injury to those you are responsible for.  However, safety is not the only concern.  You will want your office to be visually attractive as well as being easy to clean.  Industrial carpet does all of this, and with Karastan industrial carpet you will be sure to have the most attractive designs at a very good price, whilst ensuring you reduce your carbon footprint by using sustainable and recycled materials.