Seagrass Industrial Carpet

Seagrass is found in shallow water locations along coasts and river ways.  It is a plant which grows in a bed along the sea floor that resembles a meadow.  It provides shelter for small fish as well as oxygen in the water.  It is a durable plant which was originally used as fertiliser for sandy soils along the coasts.  In the 20th century, France began using dried seagrass as a mattress filler which was very popular with soldiers during World War I.  Today dried seagrass is being used in furniture and woven like rattan.

What is Seagrass Industrial Carpet?

Seagrass industrial carpet is made from dried seagrass which has been spun into cords and woven to form the carpet.  It is a very strong material making it very durable and suitable for high traffic areas such as offices.  Its natural beige colouring is pleasing and mixes well with other office design elements and colours.  It is the least expensive of the natural grass materials used in carpet and rugs today.

Seagrass industrial carpet is a natural slightly waxy material which makes it naturally stain resistant.  It is usually backed with latex to increase its durability as well as prevent slippage.  Its smooth surface also makes for easy cleaning.  Because it is a natural material it should not be used in high moisture, humid areas as it can quickly become mildewed and mouldy.  The naturalness of seagrass industrial carpet is also environmentally friendly.  There are no chemicals used in the process as will other synthetic materials.  This significantly reduces allergenic reactions or other illness that are susceptible for some people.

Seagrass rugs can come in a variety of sizes as well as custom made.  Wall to wall seagrass industrial carpet is a good choice for large areas as it avoids the hassle of regular carpet installation.  You can also obtain seagrass industrial carpet in tile form.  For area and wall to wall seagrass industrial carpet the border material is usually cotton.  Cotton is also natural, durable, and can be coloured easily.

Where Can I Buy Seagrass Industrial Carpet?

Seagrass industrial carpet can be ordered online from such retailers as:

  • Natural Area Rugs
  • Urban Living
  • The Alternative Flooring Company Ltd
  • EZCarpets
  • Carpets Direct

When buying online you must be very sure of your measurements, especially for area and wall to wall rugs.  The reason given is the size is usually a custom order and online retailers do not usually offer returns or refunds for custom orders.  Shipping charges also vary and need to be checked as well.  Another factor when purchasing online is if the delivery also includes installation.

If online is not your choice, you can also obtain a seagrass industrial carpet by visiting the showroom of most major carpet and rug merchants such as:

  • J R Wicks & Son Ltd
  • Urbane Living,
  • John Lewis PLC
  • The Alternative Flooring Company Ltd

These merchants specialize in providing quality customer service in the selection, delivery, and installation of your seagrass industrial carpet.

Estimated Costs of Seagrass Industrial Carpet

Depending on the source and size of the seagrass industrial carpet, you can expect to pay between £19.30 and £27.00 per square metre for carpet tiles.  A custom area rug 4x7 meters can cost you between £793 and £997.

Seagrass industrial carpet can provide an excellent alternative to more traditional floor covering for your office or other similar area.  It is environmentally friendly, naturally stain resistant, and durable.  Its colour goes well with just about any décor.  And its cost is quite competitive with other carpeting.