Rubber Backed Industrial Carpet

Rubber backed industrial carpet is specially woven carpeting that features a rubber substrate (or backing) layer at the bottom for improved resistance to moist conditions, mould and mildew formation, etc.  The rubber backing is porous and breathable, allowing for quick drying and easier cleaning, and it also improves traction on slippery surfaces – such as you usually find in industrial environments.

The surface material of the rubber backed industrial carpet will usually be nylon or polypropylene – which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance – but the backing has to be pure rubber.  This makes the carpet stain-resistant as well as weatherproof.  But the real difference between rubber-backed industrial carpets and the normal carpets traded under this label is that for the true rubber backed industrial carpet, the surface fabric (nylon or polypropylene) is directly woven into the rubber backing, whereas in normal “rubber-backed” carpets the rubber layer is laminated onto a standard carpeting material – and then called rubber backed to impress you.

What is a Rubber Backed Industrial Carpet?

A rubber backed industrial carpet is one which has a rubber layer at the base, on which the other surface layers have been laid.  The rubber layer at the bottom serves several purposes and enhances the density of the carpet.  Besides being waterproof, it is usually porous, meaning it allows for free movement of air and water vapour through the carpet.  This makes the carpet dry faster, resists mildew and mould formation, etc.  In addition the carpet feels softer, and affords more traction to footwear.

These features naturally come at a higher price than ordinary carpeting meant for the home.  But of late thrifty homeowners have discovered the secret in these carpets and many are now using them in homes.  The industry quite naturally responded by producing ‘industrial quality’ products for home use and these come in all sorts of colours and designs for you to choose the best for your interior decoration or renovation needs.

Where Can I Buy a Rubber Backed Industrial Carpet?

With the growing trend to use these products in homes many manufacturers are making products targeted at the home decoration market.  But even the dedicated industrial products can sometimes be bought at discount prices from wholesalers that bought them at closeouts and factory overruns.  If you want to find good bargains for these products you shouldn’t have a problem.  For ordinary commerce most stores now stock these products.  If you prefer going online, these outlets offer stocks of rubber backed industrial carpet:

  • eBay - Offer the full range of rubber backed industrial carpet from leading manufacturers.
  • Carpet Tile Wholesale - A specialised wholesale outlet.  They offer 25% discount on wholesale orders.
  • Completely Flooring - Offer an impressive selection of Rubber backed industrial carpets.

Estimated Costs of Rubber Backed Industrial Carpet

True rubber backed industrial carpets will usually cost more than the standard kind.  The price range will naturally depend on the strength and durability of the product but as a general rule the cost, area for area, for the true rubber backed variety is usually one and a half as high (or even twice) that for the ordinary variety.

Rubber backed industrial carpet is expensive to buy but it comes with many advantages.  Besides being weatherproof it also gives you more protection and safety.  For factory and work environments, even homes, it ensures a clean, sanitary and germ-free environment for family or workforce.