Plush Industrial Carpet

Carpets are very popular indeed in the United Kingdom, and that goes for both home and business use. It’s no secret that people from other countries find it a bit funny to find that we even have carpeting in our bathrooms – but there is a good reason for this. Many of our buildings in the UK are a couple of hundred years old and carpets are a great way to keep your feet warm and fight drafts. They are also a great way to preserve your floor, and this is one of the key reasons to why it is used in industrial settings as well; the high level of footfall experiences by floors in commercial locales means that they need a good carpet to keep them in good shape.

What is Plush Carpet?

So what is a plush industrial carpet, and how does it differ from, say, berber or tufted carpet? While there is a lot of fancy terminology involved, it’s all actually quite straight forward and easy to understand. Let’s take a quick look at the three types I mentioned above, which are all fairly common:

  • Tufted – this is the most common method of manufacturing for domestic grade carpets worldwide, however it is also used for cheaper commercial carpets. The method involves injecting the carpet piles into what is called a “backing material”; the backing material is then glued to a weave which provides further stability.
  • Berber – both berber and plush industrial carpet are actually classed as woven carpets in a method quite similar to the production of woven cloth. Berber carpets have loop-shaped piles where both ends are attached to the bottom of the carpet.
  • Plush – these carpets are made using virtually the same method as berber carpets, above, but differ slightly as the piles are cut and not looped; that is, only 1 end is attached to the carpet backing while the other is outward facing.

Plush Industrial Carpet Usage

So, what are the ups and downs of using a plush carpet? Well, plush carpets are popular in slightly more luxurious settings, as they are very soft and comfortable on the foot; they also have a high-class look which can truly bring up the atmosphere in the room. Indeed, marketing research into the field of atmospherics has shown that each part of a commercial setting (i.e. room) has an impact on the customer’s overall impression of the room, business, and their products or services, so having a good carpet can be very important.

Further, plushindustrial carpets can – so long as they are cleaned regularly using professional techniques – withstand a lot of use. The main issue that you may face when opting for plush carpets, however, is that the long, often very soft, piles tend to attract a lot of dirt compared to shorter piled carpets. This may quickly look shabby, which makes it ever more important that you vacuum the carpet regularly, but also that you clean them with, for instance, a steam cleaner, several times annually (depending on use).