Outdoor Industrial Carpet

Outdoor carpeting generally comes in two forms; rubber-backed carpets that are glued in place, and modular rolls of carpet that can be rolled out when and where needed. Each of these has their advantages and disadvantages and is preferable for different uses. The choice of carpet types is thus much more limited than indoors, though there are of course more expensive and cheaper versions of similar carpets that are more or less suitable for industrial use. However, due to the fact that they are made to withstand outdoor conditions, most outdoor carpets are of a high enough quality that then can be used in an industrial setting.

Olefin Carpets

Olefin is a tough synthetic material that has superb anti-stain qualities, as well as being excellent in terms of withstanding mould infestation, keeping its colour when exposed to sunlight, and not attracting dirt. It is often available in both berber and plush variations, and is most commonly fitted onto a rubber backing layer; when this is the case, the resulting carpet is often referred to as a “marine carpet” due to its common usage in marine settings, such as on boats.

Despite its name, which makes it sound rather limited in use, marine carpets can be used in a wide variety of settings both indoors and out. Indeed, the excellent stain resisting and water proof qualities of the carpet make it an ideal candidate for basements, garages, and verandas. It is also an excellent outdoor industrial carpet as it can withstand a very high traffic load; while it’s difficult and time consuming to fit and replace, it’s very easy to clean and will stay fresh and healthy for a very long period of time so long as they are looked after properly.

It is not recommended that you attempt to fit these carpets yourself. The results of doing so can be far more dire than with regular indoor carpets, as a small gap between carpet strips (or the carpet and a permanent fixture) or failure to glue it on properly can result in water build-ups beneath the rubber backing, which may lead to rotting or a build-up of mould.

Roll-Out Carpets

Roll-out carpets come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, though the most common variety is a 0.5m wide, grass-green carpet. These are not affixed to the floor but simply rolled out where needed, and as such they make an excellent temporary industrial outdoor carpet. Unlike the marine carpets discussed above, these do not generally have a rubber backing, which means that they are less water resistant – the material it is made of is also less resistant to water, and if it gets wet it should be left to dry before being rolled up in order to avoid permanent damage to the carpet.

The beauty of these industrial outdoor carpets is that they can be used on a temporary basis; they are perfect for when organising outdoor functions, for instance, and they are much cheaper than permanent alternatives.