Modular Industrial Carpet

In the strictest sense of the word, the vast majority of carpets are modular; most aren’t made up out of one perfectly sized and cut chunk of carpet, but a series of smaller strips joined together when laying the carpet. This, however, is not what is meant by modular industrial carpets; it’s far cleverer than that, and offers a lot of flexibility.

Normal Industrial Carpets

Before looking at modular industrial carpets, let’s get an idea of what a “normal” (if you will) industrial carpet is, as this will make it easier to see how they differ. Traditionally, a carpet will come in two varieties:

  • Made for purpose, perfectly cut carpets: these do exist, but are unusual due to their bulky nature and the difficulty and cost involved in producing them. They are made to measure to fit a room exactly, using only one large carpet piece, which is fitted to the floor. As you can imagine, producing these carpets is time consuming and expensive; thus, they are uncommon.
  • Carpet rolls – most carpets come rolled up in a variety of widths. The carpet is then simply rolled out onto the floor, from one wall to the other, and cut allow for any change of contour along its path. The result is therefore similar to the made for purpose carpets, but includes a few (most commonly invisible, assuming the carpet layer was a trained professional) joints in between carpet pieces.

These are both made for the purpose of covering the entire floor area in carpet, and in most cases require that the same carpet is used for the entire floor area for optimal results to be achieved.

Modular Alternatives

Modular industrial carpets are a bit more exciting – if you will allow for such a word to be used in relation to carpets! – as they offer far more possibilities for variety and customisation than do traditional carpeting methods. The basic concept of modular industrial carpets is similar to tiles, that is, you combine a wide range of carpet pieces to create the overall carpet. The carpet modules are available in many shapes and sizes, and can be made to order with much greater ease than full-size carpets – but most common are squares of various sizes.

The beauty of modular industrial carpets is that you don’t have to carpe the entire area with the same carpet – or indeed at all. Their nature is such that each module can work with other, different modules, which may vary in colour, shape, size and material. Why is this so exciting? Because it means that you can treat different parts of the carpet differently, and this can lead to massive cost savings! Pretty much every room has parts to it that are used more than others, known as “high traffic lanes”, such as from the door of a hotel to the reception. Normally, when this lane is worn out you would have to replace the entire carpet – with modular industrial carpets, not only can you choose to replace only the high traffic lane when it’s worn out, you can also fit it with extra durable tiles.