Industrial Vinyl Carpet Flooring

Vinyl as a material used in construction has revolutionised the industry.  From house siding and cladding to flooring and wall and furniture dressing, vinyl just gets bigger and better.  Industrial vinyl carpet flooring has not been an exception, and in fact, for a given area, it rates as the best flooring option per pound and floor space compared to wood, stone, masonry, carpet, and other materials.  One chief advantage of vinyl carpet flooring that puts it above all the others is that it can be designed to imitate the look – and feel sometimes – of the traditional, time-honoured flooring options like parquet, stone, engraved, and so on, all at a small fraction of the cost.

What is Industrial Vinyl Carpet Flooring?

Industrial vinyl carpet flooring is made of plastic material known in the industry as vinyl composite tile (or VCT, sometimes).  VCT is a type of plastic that has proved its worth in terms of resistance to corrosion, durability, and strength when subjected to the usual forces of wear and tear such as is to be found in factories, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, etc.

Vinyl carpet flooring that is made to meet the industrial standards can last up to 15 years minimum, as compared to say 7 years for the ordinary type of carpeting meant for home use.  The cost difference for a given area will usually be only a fraction of a pound.  But the material designed for home use, which costs just slightly less than this amount, usually lasts less than 7 years.  So, as you can see the thrifty homeowners have been flocking to buy the industrial variety of the vinyl carpet flooring.

Where Can I Buy Industrial Vinyl Carpet Flooring?

Industrial vinyl carpet flooring is now a standard staple for many homes and contractors, and as such you will usually find it listed in most stores that deal in construction and housing merchandise.  Some outlets are listed below:

  • Completely Flooring – This company offer an impressive selection of vinyl carpet flooring, both standard and budget.
  • Carpet Tile - Supply a range of products from reputable manufacturers of vinyl carpet flooring.
  • eBay - Offer the full range of vinyl carpet flooring products from most leading manufacturers and at smaller prices.
  • B&G at also offer a variety of industrial vinyl carpet flooring options.

Estimated Costs of Industrial Vinyl Carpet Flooring

Industrial vinyl carpet flooring is probably the cheapest around.  The prices will usually be about half to three quarters what you pay for standard non-plastic carpeting options.  For example £0.45 to £1.00 for a 48cm X 48cm surface area.  Larger, contract size carpets will rate somewhere around £5.00 per square metre.

Industrial vinyl carpet flooring is cheap and affordable for the average homeowner or small to medium enterprise.  The product comes in a huge variety of designs and colours and you can even choose to install an imitation of your favourite finish: parquet, stone, concrete, etc.  The choices give the home decorator an endless supply of choices to fulfil any dreams for interior décor dreams.