Industrial Carpet Tiles

Industrial carpet tiles (sometimes also called carpet squares) are a modern and cost-effective substitute for the area rugs that have for long been the flooring item of choice in offices, hotels, and other industry type settings.  Carpet tiles give you the option to renovate or replace the carpeting only in the areas where it has been damaged or worn out, rather than roll out the whole area rug and replace it with a new one, which is a very expensive option indeed.  Industrial carpet tiles also make it a lot easier for you to get a carpeting option that sets off the rest of the interior décor of your office or other commercial setting, since you can use a checkerboard design with tiles of different colours and designs.  The underlying finish of the floor space is not a problem as these tiles can be laid over wood, plastic, ceramic, paving or stone, etc.

What are Industrial Carpet Tiles?

Industrial carpet tiles are special carpet tiles manufactured to be used in work environments like factories, shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, churches ,etc. where the wear and tear from human and other traffic is such that the need to replace worn out or damaged carpeting is quite frequent.  The advantage in using carpeting tiles is that the replacement for damaged and worn out tiles is cheap and easy.  Plus, in the case of budgetary constraints it is easy to simply swap the worn-out tiles in say the hallways and corridors with others in better condition from areas that see very little traffic, such as store rooms.

The materials used to make the carpet tiles (usually nylon and polypropylene) are waterproof, easy to clean and resistant to spillage and are usually treated with flame retardant material that makes them practically “fireproof”.  The industrial carpet tiles also dry faster and are textured to provide a better grip for footwear to prevent slippage.

Being manufactured for special environments the industrial carpet tiles are usually more expensive than the standard carpet tiles for home use.  But their durability and ease of use have made them popular to homeowners looking for quality and convenience, the extra cost notwithstanding.  This growing popularity of the product in homes has prompted the manufacturers to offer them in easy to install formats in all the colours and textures favoured in homes.

Where Can I Buy Industrial Carpet Tiles?

Most stores stock these items now that the demand for them has grown to include the average homeowner.  Many online shops in the UK have stocks of industrial carpet tiles from reputable manufacturers like Tivoli, Huega, Paragon, to mention only a few, as listed below:

  • eBay - Offer the full range of tiles from most manufacturers.
  • Completely Flooring - Offer an impressive selection of carpet tiles, both standard and budget tiles.
  • Carpet Tile Wholesale – An online store, they specialise in wholesale and offer a 25% discount on large orders.
  • Carpet Tile - Supply a range of products from reputable manufacturers.  Atlas Vulcan is an in-house brand.

Estimated Costs of Industrial Carpet Tiles

The cost of one carpet tile measuring 48cm x 48cm ranges from £0.95 for the light-duty tiles to £1.39 for the medium grade and £1.65 for the really hard-wearing ‘contract’ grade.

Industrial carpet tiles are the carpeting option of choice in homes and commercial establishments today.  They are hardwearing, easy to install and replace, and their modular design affords the interior decorator with innumerable possibilities to create the décor of their dreams.  The extra price of just a few pounds is really nothing given the benefits you stand to gain.