Industrial Carpet Squares

Industrial and commercial environments impose a lot of wear and tear on any material used for the flooring.  From human and mechanical traffic, chemical or environmental corrosion and maintenance operations – any number of factors come into play that weaken the flooring to the point where it has to be replaced.  But as this wear and tear only affects certain areas of the floor surface and not all of it, industrial carpet squares are a very good solution to the problem, and such has been their success that many homeowners and contractors are now choosing to use them in homes, schools and other places that traditionally did not use this type of carpeting.

What are Industrial Carpet Squares?

These are carpet squares made to industrial standards.  They are designed to be used in ‘industrial’ environments like factories, hospitals, restaurants and hotels, offices and all such places where they are subjected to all sorts of adverse conditions.  They therefore have to be resistant to spills and chemical corrosion, easier to clean and replace, breathable so they dry faster and have more traction to prevent slippage even when wet.

These features naturally make the industrial carpet squares a bit more expensive than the ordinary kind designed for use in homes.  But the price difference is not all that great, which explains why many homeowners are choosing to use them in their homes.  For just a few pounds extra you get a product that is often twice as durable as the ordinary kind.  The industry has been quick to notice this trend and now these industrial carpet squares are coming out in all sorts of attractive colours for residential use, not just the pervasive blacks, browns and greys you may associate with hospitals and factories.  The products aimed at the residential market come in a convenient peel-and-install package style and are great for garages, basements and porches.

Where Can I Buy Industrial Carpet Squares?

Industrial carpet squares are now standard items in most stores and also from online vendors in the UK.  A few of them are listed below:

  • Carpet Wholesale – This is an online site which caters especially to wholesale customers. They offer 25% discount on large orders.
  • Carpet Tile – Another online site which supplies a range of products from reputable manufacturers like Huega, Paragon, Rawson and their own brand Atlas Vulcan.
  • Completely Flooring - Offer an awesome selection of carpet squares and budget tiles.
  • Bennetts Flooring – Operates in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areasandsupplies top quality brands, including InterfaceFlor, Heckmondwike,Desso,Gradus, Supacord, Tessera, andTivoli.  They also have an online site.

Estimated Costs of Industrial Carpet Squares

The cost of one carpet square measuring 48cm by 48cm is in the range of £0.95 for the light-duty squares to £1.39 for medium grade and £1.65 for the heavy-duty ‘contract’ grade.

Industrial carpet squares are a very versatile flooring option. They can be laid on concrete, ceramic, wood or plastic and work well in dump environments and those that are likely to flood from time to time.  In the case of flooding you can choose to replace them of course – or simply remove and dry them and then put them back.