Industrial Carpet Types

Industrial carpeting serves a business purpose and plays an integral role in the maintenance and décor of a corporate or business area.  This type of carpeting usually needs to be extremely durable as it sees a lot of contact and is normally put into high traffic environments.  It can also be subject to various types of machinery and dust which means that it needs to be resistant.  Industrial carpeting is most often used in storage areas or in workstations.  These carpets can require a high amount of maintenance but there are a number of companies who have the facilities to help with this relatively quickly and easily.  Despite the fact that industrial carpeting is normally produced in Europe, the United States and China, these carpets are transported and used all over the world.

What are Industrial Carpet Types?

Technically, industrial carpeting refers to carpeting produced in long lengths particularly for industrial sectors and businesses.  These carpets often have a decorative component but their main function is to protect the floor of a high traffic workplace and maintain durability over long-periods of time.

Industrial Carpet Types Options

Industrial carpeting is usually machine-manufactured but the various types are based on traditional, handmade carpeting.  Turkish carpets are normally used in very cold areas as they serve as insulators.  Although there is great merit in the original hand-made carpeting, industrial needs require the machine made versions in order to produce enough carpeting for large areas.  The most modern techniques take this factor into account and often attach various pieces of carpeting to the floor (or underlay) with gripper rods.  

There are also a number of Indian and knotted carpet squares that are attached to the original flooring using pressured-glue.  These work beautifully for industrial flooring as they can easily assist the installation process making it fairly quick and simple to cover a large area and to transport the carpeting to the job site.  The carpeting itself is however, quite complex.  It is created by layers of fibre, moulding, underlay and even soundproofing.

Where Can I Buy Industrial Carpeting?

Industrial carpeting can be bought from service providers like:

  • Masland Carpets
  • Northern Industrial
  • Rasa Floors
  • Carpets Direct

As well as a number of other carpeting and flooring stores.  Some however, specialise in specific ranges like vinyl carpeting or knotted so it’s worth shopping around for the best price on your choice.

Estimated Costs of Industrial Carpeting Types

Industrial carpeting can seem quite pricey but this is mostly because it has to last you and therefore you can’t skimp on quality.  Carpeting for the home will inevitably fall apart under the same conditions.  Still, you shouldn’t expect to pay much more than £50 per 10m2.

Make sure that your industrial carpeting is from a reputable dealer with references.  You are looking for something that is durable and that has a guarantee.  It is integral that the style of the carpet matches up with the workspace that it’s going to be used in.  Ask your local dealer for recommendations for what works best but beware the crafty salesman.