Hospitality Industrial Carpet

Carpeting can seem unimportant and dull – it may also seem like something that won’t take long to choose and have fitted. Both of these assumptions are highly incorrect, and after reading this article you should be well aware of why, as well as equipped with the knowledge needed to choose a perfect carpet for your business’ needs.

Why Carpet Choice Matters

In the hospitality businesses, image is everything – as you will no doubt be well aware. In fact, marketing research within the areas of atmospherics (which started with Kotler’s famours 1973 article, in which he coined the term), servicescapes (named after Bitner’s highly influential 1992 article, which is a highly recommended read for any hospitality business owner) and experiential marketing (made famous by Pine & Gilmore in 1999) – has all shown that each individual element of your business facilities will affect your customers overall impression of your service or product quality.

According to atmospherics research, the overall atmosphere of a business premises are made up of visual, aural, olfactory and tactile inputs – that is, anything that affects your senses (taste largely excluded) – and hospitality industrial carpets fit not only one, but up to three of these inputs. Firstly, a poor quality and/or dirty carpet will negatively affect your customers visual appreciation of your facilities; second, the feel of the carpet under their feet is highly influential, and this represents a tactile input; finally, a poor quality carpet may attract more dirt, which leads to a build-up of unpleasant odours, an olfactory quality.

It should be very clear indeed, then, that industrial hospitably carpet choice can have a huge impact on your customers’ overall impression of your business. A five-star hotel with oak furniture, crystal chandeliers and copper trimmings may look absolutely stunning; but imagine this combined with a run-down, uneven carpet which has suffered unduly due to not being able to handle the traffic it is exposed to – what effect would that have on your overall impression of the hotel? Unfortunately, poor choice and maintenance of hospitality industrial carpets is terribly common, and has let down many a fine hotel.

Things to Keep In Mind

So how do you choose a good carpet? What should you keep in mind? The following bullet point lists contains some important nuggets of information to keep in mind when choosing your industrial hospitality carpet:

  • Ensure that the material used is suited to each room individually; don’t go for a single carpet type throughout your venue! Restaurant floors have very different carpet needs to hallways.
  • Use the correct underlay – don’t go for the softest, ensure that it compliments your carpet type and use.
  • Make sure to keep usage in mind when considering pile density, thickness and length; the more use the carpet is expected to be subjected to, the higher density, thickness and to a lesser extent length will be required!
  • Keep them clean – this is very, very important! Ensure that your carpets are vacuumed and professionally cleaned regularly to keep them in good health.