Discount Industrial Carpet

There have been many a debate regarding what is the most beautiful word in the English language, and many a fine suggestion has been made. Some of the more popular ones include eloquence, opulent and epiphany – all worthy of consideration, for certain, but there is one that no other can beat. For a word to have true beauty it must not only look nice in writing, roll of your tongue with ease, and kiss your ear like the lips of a lover; it must also fill your heart with warmth and joy. On this account, few words could content with the simple, yet elegant, discount. Everyone loves making a saving, businesses included, and discount industrial carpets are a fantastic money saver.

Discounted Carpets – The Positives and Negatives

On the positive side, discounted carpets can offer your outstanding value for money. With luck, you will be able to fit your floors with a carpet of a higher quality than you would otherwise be able to afford; or with one of the quality you intended to purchase anyway, but at a lower rate. Carpets are far from the sexiest thing to spend money on, so making a saving is always welcome. As a general rule, I would recommend upgrading to a more expensive, higher quality carpet rather than buying one that was within your price range prior to the discount, and this if for one simple reason: a better quality carpet does not need to be cleaned quite as often (though you must ensure that you take care of it properly, or it will quickly deteriorate) and it will last for considerably longer, saving you money in the long term.

The downside of discount industrial carpet is that much of it will consist of small lots, and the shop may not have enough of each particular carpet type and pattern to fill your requirements. This can result in a whole lot of unwanted disappointment. Second, some of the carpets will have been lying around, rolled up, for years, years and years. This is not ideal, and may result in the carpet drying out becoming less able to withstand traffic; do ensure that your carpet isn’t old and dying prior to buying.

Buying Discount Industrial Carpets

Before you jump in and buy a discounted carpet, it’s important that you know what you’re getting in to. The list below consists of a few points that you should look in to before getting started:

  • Check with a carpet fitter what grade of carpet is recommended for your usage area, this will include:
    • Pile thickness
    • Pile length
    • Pile density
    • Carpet material
  • Ask for quotes for installation only as compared to installation+carpet purchase from a several fitters, as many fitters will charge a higher installation rate if you don’t purchase carpet from them;
  • Don’t make snap decisions! If you find a beautiful carpet that you think would be perfect, but you aren’t familiar with the material and its properties, don’t buy it without finding out if it’s suitable for your purposes!