Commercial Grade Industrial Carpet

If you own a business at some point you may need to replace your commercial grade industrial carpet due to damage or normal wear.   You may even have installed commercial grade industrial carpet in your home for the really high traffic areas such as a recreational room or maybe in a covered terrace area.  Or you are building a commercial or residential structure where commercial grade industrial carpet will be the best choice for a particular area.  Regardless of the reason, selecting, purchasing, and installing your carpet could be a daunting task to the uniformed.

What is Commercial Grade Industrial Carpet?

Commercial grade industrial carpet is a short fibre carpet made of synthetic material.  It is usually backed with latex rubber.  There are a number of varieties of carpet manufactured to meet commercial requirements.  Carpet used in apartments or motels is different than the carpet you would find in a general office area or retail store.  There is plush commercial grade industrial carpet which is very durable and could be used in a shop office as well as a recreation room for kids.  A very common carpet is the loop carpet.  This type of carpet is also very often used in retail stores, gymnasiums, schools, and other heavily trafficked areas where durability and good looks is required.  Other popular styles include Berber, Broadloom, and Indoor/Outdoor.

All commercial grade industrial carpet is designed for easy maintenance as well.  The short fibres don't allow dirt to build up.  The construction also makes it easy for shampooing.  Some types of commercial grade industrial carpet are designed so you can even use a stiff bristle broom to clean them.  Because they are synthetic materials you don't have to worry about mould and mildew as you would with natural materials.  You can purchase your commercial grade industrial carpet either in rolls (the most common means) or in tiles.  Tiles are a very good choice if the area you are covering is a relatively confined space or has many angles to it.  Roll carpet is generally used when there are large areas to be covered such as in a retail store, restaurant, home, or similar large room area.

Where Can I Buy Commercial Grade Industrial Carpet?

Your best source for purchasing commercial grade industrial carpet is through your local carpet seller.  That way you can see and feel the different carpet types and choose the best type for your needs.  You can also purchase the carpet online from several vendors as well.  This may be especially convenient if there are no carpet stores nearby or you know exactly what type of carpet you want to purchase.  Among the stores you can choose from to purchase your commercial grade industrial carpet are:

  • CFS Carpets
  • 1st Choice Carpets
  • Checkmate Carpets
  • Flooring Industries

When buying commercial grade industrial carpet you will also need to determine how much adhesive you will need.  You might also want to consider trims and door runners to protect the edges of your carpet.

Estimated Costs of Commercial Grade Industrial Carpet

Commercial grade industrial carpet can be purchased either by the running metre or per tile.  They are priced based on the square metre.  The actual cost will depend on the type of carpet you choose, whether roll or tile, and the total square metre you need to cover.  In general you can expect prices to run approximately in the range from £2.62 to £9.71 per square metre.  Tiles can start around £17 per square metre tile.  If you aren't installing the carpet yourself, you will need to get a quote from your dealer on installation.

Commercial grade industrial carpet offers both residential and commercial owners a practical, durable, and cost effective means to cover flooring.  Whether you have a recreation room or dining room or office space that needs some covering, there is a commercial grade industrial carpet to meet your needs.  You only need to go online or visit your local carpet centre to find the right carpet at the right price.