Automotive Industrial Carpet

For those who take their car seriously or are a collector, there comes a time when the interior carpet may need to be replaced.  Even for the average car owner, normal wear and tear may inspire them to want to replace the carpeting.  The rest of the car is in fine shape, but the flooring needs work.  Automotive industrial carpet can be replaced relatively easy and is readily available.

What is Automotive Industrial Carpet?

Automotive industrial carpet is a short tuffed carpet made of synthetic material and bonded to a backing.  Though a purist would not consider it, many manufacturers of automotive industrial carpet also offer an additional backing material as an extra feature to aid in deadening sound and provide extra comfort.  All automotive industrial carpet is produced in a mould specific for the model of car.  This ensures the carpet will fit the specific floor plan of the vehicle.  The automotive industrial carpet also comes with a heel pad welded into the carpet under the brake and accelerator pedal.  For older model vehicles there is a grommet built in for the floor dimmer switch.

The carpet is installed using an adhesive which can be done by the car owner.  However most people who are replacing the automotive industrial carpet will have it done by a professional to ensure it is done properly.  Because of its durability and construction, automotive industrial carpet is also used for the flooring of recreational vehicles, boats, and even commercial establishments.  When you purchase your automotive industrial carpet you will also get floor mats of the same material.  These mats help provide additional protection for the flooring.

Where Can I Buy Automotive Industrial Carpet?

There are a number of companies who sell automotive industrial carpeting.  You can find them locally through automotive parts and body shops or online.  Some of the companies who specialise in selling automotive industrial carpet are:

  • J C Witney
  • Automotive Interiors Online
  • Auto Interior and Upholstery
  • Stock Interiors
  • Automotive Interiors and Accessories, Inc.
  • The Automobile Trimmings Co.
  • Coverdale
  • Harrison Trim Supplies

For the DIY the companies offer instruction on installation, adhesives, and trims to enable the DIY to perform a complete replacement.  Many of the companies also offer upholstery materials so you can replace damaged or worn seat covers and headliners.

Estimated Costs of Automotive Industrial Carpet

The cost of your automotive industrial carpet will of course depend on the make and model of your vehicle.  In some cases it will also depend on the year.  Some of the carpets for vintage cars are harder to manufacture in order to replicate the original.  However for most makes and models within the last decade or so, you can expect to pay from £170 to around £276 or more for a moulded automotive industrial carpet.

If you are doing it yourself and not particular about having it moulded, you can purchase automotive industrial carpet by the running meter starting at around £20 to around £50 for a luxury wool carpet.  And if you choose to install the under felt, it will cost you about £7 to £9 per running meter.

Whether you are a car collector who just obtained a vintage vehicle or an average car owner you may be in the market to purchase replacement automotive industrial carpet, you can be assured by the retailers that your automotive industrial carpet will match the original shape, colour, and style of your vehicle.  Or you can do a custom job to suit your pleasure.  You can also choose to have the work done professionally, or do it yourself.