Tuftex Industrial Carpet

The Shaw Carpet Corporation is a leader in the carpet manufacturing sector and Tuftex industrial carpet under the brand name ‘Designweave’ is part of this group. Tuftex produces their carpet solutions for commercial and industrial installation under the brand name ‘Designweave’. They offer carpets under the brand name Concierge for hospitality installations. Being so well known makes it easy to find good carpet cleaners that are familiar with cleaning Tuftex industrial carpets.

Keys to success

The Tuftex industrial carpet company can point to a number of factors that have led to its success, including the quality of Tuftex industrial carpets themselves. Carpet cleaners point out these as the positive features:

  • 42 years of carpet manufacturing experience make the carpets well designed for cleaning.
  • While being a big company in its own right, Tuftex industrial carpet is sold with the attention to customer requirements and satisfaction often only found in small companies, therefore helping and supporting carpet cleaners.
  • Excellent anti-stain treatment at the point of production.
  • Strong durable carpet backing to ensure a long industrial carpet life even in demanding conditions.

Sales information

Take a visit to Tuftex industrial carpet website in order to review the catalogue of carpets that are available, you may be surprised at the sheer range of choice. It is possible to buy Tuftex industrial carpet directly from the website, having chosen the one that works for you. If you already use an industrial carpet cleaner who is familiar with the Tuftex industrial carpet range, ask them to assist you with your choice of industrial carpet. You will be able to select by using the following filters:

  • The product type; you have a choice of broadloom, modular or both.
  • The dye method; you can select all methods, piece dyed, solution dyed or solution/yarn dyed.
  • You have a handy sustainability choice; you can select from completely new or certified cradle to cradle, as they call it, or carpet that contain reconditioned material.
  • When you are selecting a pattern, you can decide if it should be large, medium or small scale.
  •  You can then select from 5 different backings; all patented by Tuftex industrial carpets, this is an important point. Your industrial carpet cleaner can help you with.
  • Your preferred delivery option
  • Next, you need to select the carpet weight; this can be from 20oz or under, through to over 36ozs. There are 7 selection options here.
  • Then comes the all important price; it ranges from under $10, from $10-$99 or over $99.
  • Choose from seven different pattern types.

Completing the purchase

Once you have made your selections and decided on the best product to meet your requirements, you can add it to your basket. Each carpet you select will be confirmed to you with the detail of the range it comes from and its product code, specific to your choice. One of the really neat features from Tuftex industrial carpet company is that you can order a sample by completing a simple registration process without commitment. Once the sample arrives, you can soil it in order to simulate wear and tear and the carpet cleaner can demonstrate how easy it is to clean it and return it to the tip top condition.