Rabbit conracting Carpet cleaners

Rabbit Contractors has been one of the leading specialist contractors in the field of industrial flooring. It has been providing services in the south-east of the UK including Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex for the last 15 years. This company has great experience when it comes to epoxy and resin flooring and it has one of the best histories in the UK for producing high-quality industrial flooring and installations. It deals with a wide variety of clients ranging from public bodies to domestic consumers and from primary schools to corporations worth millions of pounds. One field in which this company recently started flourishing is in the production of Rabbit Contracting Industrial Carpet.

As we all know, the kind of carpet needed for a particular environment depends on the traffic density using it and its subjection to wear and tear. When it comes to industries the density of the traffic that will be using the flooring will be high and there will be frequent requirement for cleaning. This is the reason why industrial carpet needs to be a lot more tough and resistant. Rabbit Contractors understands this need and it has been working for years to produce Rabbit Contracting Industrial Carpet: the best of its kind.

Properties of Rabbit Contracting Industrial Carpet:

  • Rabbit Contracting Industrial Carpet has been made of special coir that has high resistance to wear and tear.
  • The pile density is a lot higher when compared to that used in residences and offices.
  • Some of the varieties also come with a water proof and fire-resistant coating.
  • Although aesthetics is only a secondary requirement when it comes to industrial carpets, Rabbit Contractors feel that it should not be ignored altogether. The industrial carpets produced by them come in a variety of styles and colors to suit the specific industrial environment.

Specialty of Rabbit Contractors in Industrial Carpeting:
Rabbit Contracting Industrial Carpet Cleaning: Since in industries, the carpets are prone to getting dirty, it is essential that they are cleaned every now and then and despite the availability of carpet cleaners in the market today, efficient cleaning is possible only with professional help.

  • Rabbit Contractors have trained experts who are well versed with the latest carpet cleaning techniques with high-quality equipment.
  • Also, the company provides service at even odd hours so that work during the day does not get hampered due to the cleaning task.

Carpet Replacements:  Despite all the resilience of industrial carpet, it is going to get too worn out to use at some point or another. Rabbit Contractors also provide the service of replacing these.

Under-carpet heating: The concept of under-carpet heating is gaining popularity considering the amount of money and energy this heating technique saves. Rabbit Contracting Industrial Carpet service also comes with under-carpet heating installation service.

So if you are looking for quality industrial carpet, then Rabbit Contracting Industrial Carpet is probably the best choice you can make. From quality to style, this company will provide you the best carpet of its kind not to mention the high-quality service which comes with factory warranties.