Paragon Industrial Carpet

Carpets for industries are a lot different from the ones used in households and offices. They are designed to deal with a lot more traffic and rough cleaning. Finding a good industrial carpet supplier can be a hard job as most suppliers deal only with commercial and residential needs. Although they may offer a service of supply for industries too, it is best to approach a supplier who deals exclusively in industrial carpets. One such dealer in the UK is Paragon Industrial Carpet Dealers.

Paragon Industrial Carpet is one of the leading carpet-dealing companies in the UK. The main objective of the company is to provide the best workmanship in this field. It aims not only at providing quality products to customers but also strives to provide the best kind of services that are related to industrial carpets. Having made factory investments of millions of pounds, this company has catered to the ever-changing market of today. This is why it has shown magnificent growth in its business and profits.

Carpet Services:

  • Paragon industrial carpets have a unique combination of high-density piles with resilient fibre that makes it strong and tough for its purpose.
  • The company provides consultants who are well trained in guiding customers in making choices that can increase their money value to the maximum. Also, they are well-versed with the different flooring styles that will be suitable for specific industrial environments.
  • With Paragon Industrial Carpets, you can get a variety in materials ranging from polyester to coir and sisal to acrylic and styles and colors suitable to every taste and budget.

Under-Carpet Heating:

If you have some knowledge about the carpeting industry, you will be aware of the concept of under-carpet heating. Paragon Industrial Carpets deals in providing internal heating from under the carpet. It has trained experts to carry out this job and it provides factory warranties too. Under-carpet heating will significantly reduce your expenses on gas and electricity during the cold months.

Paragon industrial carpet cleaning:

  • Carpet cleaning is one of the most popular services provided by this company.
  • It has its own carpet cleaning shampoo manufactured for this purpose.
  • The Paragon carpet cleaning team uses high quality equipment and techniques to provide the best cleaning service in the whole of UK.
  • The most common techniques are more or less the usual ones including dry and steam cleaning and encapsulation but it is the high quality service that counts here.
  • It provides services at odd hours too so that the work during the day does not get hampered due to the cleaning procedure.

Carpet Replacement:

Repeated cleaning of carpets is necessary in an industrial environment considering the high-traffic and its susceptibility to dirt and stains. However, like every other product, even industrial carpets have a limited life though it is designed for a long one. There will come a time when the carpet becomes too old and worn out to be continued to put in use. This is where you will need a replacement and Paragon Industrial Carpets will always be at your service.