Legato Industrial Carpet

Milliken Legato is a famous flooring company in the UK. For years, it has been dealing in the production of carpet tiles meant for residences and providing services for supply, installation, cleaning and replacement. Carpet tiles have always been proved to be useful considering their easy replacement in case of damage. For example, if there is damage in one part of the flooring due to shifting, one will not have to replace the entire carpet. Instead, he could simply remove the damaged tile and replace it.

Milliken Legato has invested millions of pounds in its manufacturing unit and it has been expanding rapidly. One of its latest productions is in the Legato Industrial Carpet.

  • The company understands all the basic needs of carpets that are meant for industries and it has used these needs to design the perfect carpet for such an environment.
  • Since aesthetics is only secondary, it has focused more on making the Legato Industrial Carpet as tough and durable as possible.
  • Industries have a high number of people treading the floor and there is a very good chance of the carpet getting worn and damaged. For this purpose, stronger and more resilient coir is used in the industrial carpet manufacture and the pile density is maintained at a high level.
  • Some carpets also come with water-proof and fire-proof coating to increase durability.

What makes Legato Industrial Carpet such a worthy choice is simply not its design and manufacturing; a lot of it can actually be attributed to the services that are provided by this company. Apart from helping with the sales and supply of manufactured carpets, other services include:

Carpet Installation:

Industrial carpets are heavier and more difficult to install but with Milliken Legato’s use of the latest installation technology, the task is but a breeze. The service is provided with factory warranties at reasonable prices.

Internal under-carpet heating Installation:

As the world is slowly starting the get familiar with the concept of under-carpet heating, people are now demanding for under-carpet heating installation.

  • Legato Industrial Carpet Dealers has a specialised team to perform this task.
  • The company provides this option to those who don’t have any idea about this concept.
  • Customers can benefit from this service as it can reduce the amount of money and energy needed in heating interiors in winters.

Industrial Carpet Cleaning:

Maintaining the cleanliness of industrial carpets is a tedious job as cleaning can create a huge mess and put the work of the day on a standstill. However, with the Legato industrial Carpet Cleaning service, you will have to face no such problem.

  • The service team uses the best extractors and carpet cleaning shampoos to cleanse the carpets in the most efficient and economic manner.
  • The carpet cleaning staff is ready to work at even late hours in order to avoid disturbing the work going on during the day.

Carpet Replacement:

No matter how resistant industrial carpet may be, it is still subject to wear and tear and it will ultimately be too damaged to use any further. In such cases, Legato industrial Carpet Dealers provides carpet replacement services.