Industrial Carpet Extractors

An Industrial Carpet is basically a term given to a carpet that is meant to endure a high volume of people passing over it, and thus consequently a high degree of wear and tear. While these carpets are designed to ensure they don’t get frayed or torn, there’s little that can be done to prevent them from getting dirty, as the material that is used to make carpets usually tends to cling onto dirt. There are of course vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners you can use, but these work only if the dirt is only loosely clinging onto the carpet, which is often not the case. Also, carpet cleaners often don’t really work too well when it comes to carpets where a large amount of dust or dirt has settled, because often the deeper layers can’t be touched by these cleaners. In these cases, you need to use Industrial Carpet Extractors to really get the dirt out.

How Carpet Extractors Work:

What separates these box-like machines from their vacuum counterparts is that they have a more complex mechanism than simply sucking out dirt, which essentially can be simplified to a level of first severing the bond between the dirt and your carpet using steam, and then collecting the dirt using one of any number of mechanisms. The steam is often replaced by cleaning solution or basically anything that can be used to separate the dirt from the carpet.

Types of Extractors:

There are several types of extractors but two most popular ones are:

  • The most commonly found are the Box Industrial Carpet Extractors which come with two different pipes, one for the cleaning solution or steam or whatever happens to be the choice of separating material, the other for the suction mechanism or the collection mechanism, as the case may be. This type of extractor comes in handy when you need more flexibility, as different tips can be attached to both hoses to help you reach areas of carpeting which are normally hard to get to. As you may imagine these aren’t however as easy to use because it can become a little difficult to manage two hoses at the same time, but this isn’t really a big issue.
  • The other type is the Self Contained Industrial Carpet Extractors. These extractors are focused on ease of use, and the suction and injection mechanisms are usually integrated into one single unit. This of course means that they are not as flexible as Box Industrial Carpet Extractors but in situations where you don’t really need the added flexibility, and are just dealing with a flat surface which is often the case, it becomes more convenient to go for one of these. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Extractor:

Some quick tips on what to look for in good Industrial Carpet Extractors:

  • Make sure that the output temperature and pressure are not so high that they will damage your carpet.
  • Make sure the drying time is quite low.
  • Finally, good customer support is a must. At the end of the day, Industrial Carpet Extractors can really help spruce up that aging carpet.