Frieze Industrial Carpet

There are so many different types of carpets on the market and one that is looking to be very popular both in the home and in the office is Frieze carpet. In fact, it could be said that the Frieze industrial carpet is rapidly becoming a top seller. So let’s take a closer look at frieze industrial carpet!

How is a Frieze industrial carpet made?

A Frieze industrial carpet is primarily made from fibres that are twisted together, giving a very tight top to the carpet. It is not deep or plush, such as a pile carpet that you can sink your feet into, but has short fibres that are so tightly packed and woven together so as to prevent the normal signs of wear and tear, such as dirt, footprints, grime, spillages, etc, to show easily. Therefore, it is easy to see why a Frieze industrial carpet is a popular choice for many companies.
The most popular range of Frieze industrial carpets is also made from nylon, which is a cheap material, making it more cost effective. Other fibres are used to make up the carpets, but nylon far outweighs other types. Although the initial thought is that this carpet is harsh underfoot, nothing could be further from the truth, so although it is ideal in working areas, it is also soft underfoot for homes as well.

A limited choice of design

Whilst it has to be said that Frieze industrial carpets come in a range of colours, the designs are a bit more limited due to the complex nature in the way it is made. However that being said, there are still a good range to choose from and there is no problem finding one to suit your décor and footfall needs. Very often, a Frieze industrial carpet is made with variegated fibres, this means you can have a contrast in colours, such as beige and black. This variegation also helps to hide any unsightly stains that may immediately show on lesser-made carpets. The fleck in the design of this carpet mask dirt, unless of course, it is very heavy soiling, in which case deep cleaning would be required to remove it.

Is a Frieze industrial carpet right for you?

There are lots of pros and a few cons when it comes to purchasing a Frieze industrial carpet and depending on your needs, you might have to take a look at the area in a bit more depth. Consider the following points in your research:

  • Will the carpet have a lot of dirt ground into it?
  • Will you need to make the carpet fire retardant?
  • Is stain resistant a high concern?
  • How large is your carpet budget?
  • Will you move office furniture around a lot? (This can have an effect on creasing in the carpet)

If you do not choose a Frieze industrial carpet, be aware that there is a large amount of cheap low quality carpets around and you will need to be very careful to evaluate these before buying. Otherwise you may spend your hard earned money to buy a carpet that will not last a few months, let alone a few years. Research is always the key to any major decision. Do that right, and you will be assured of the right product at an affordable price.