Axminster Industrial Carpets

The humble carpet has come a long way from being the purely functional device it once was to what is now one of the key items to designing an interior that gives out a feeling of warmth and comfort. They have slowly become important to most commercial sectors as well, penetrating industries quickly for added customer satisfaction, because that is closely linked to ambience.

What to look for in an Industrial Carpet

What primarily separates the industrial carpet from a regular carpet you would purchase for home is that these are specifically designed to take much more wear and tear and “traffic”, or in other words, a higher number of footfalls per day. This is important because in places where a high volume of people frequent, a normal carpet would quickly start to get dirty and fray, or even tear.

Axminster Industrial Carpets have been manufacturing industrial as well as home carpets for a long time now, and have become a noted name when it comes to carpeting solutions, be it for your home or industry. What truly makes them stand out from most other carpeting solution providers is their commitment to quality, and producing the best carpets that money can buy.

Manufacturing Processes

  • This is done by a unique process that tries to stay as true to the original, natural method of manufacturing carpets as possible, giving the carpet the highest number of tufts per square inch. The secret behind this lies in the fact that individual strands of yarn are fed into the weft, which ensures the best resistance to wear and tear apart from providing a warm, lush feel and texture, which is really what you should be looking for in a carpet.
  • The procedure described above is generally followed for Machine Woven Axminster Industrial Carpets. They also offer tufted carpets, as well as exquisite hand woven carpets which are however more suited for home use as opposed to commercial use as these are more delicate in nature.
  • Another important thing to note about Axminster Industrial Carpets is that the manufacturing firm is one of the few “from the fleece to the floor” carpet manufacturers in existence, which means they have complete control over everything from the manufacturing process right down to the installation of your carpet in your commercial area. This allows them to deliver on every front, and fulfil every requirement a client may have.

Your own Carpet Designs

Axminster Industrial Carpets also allow you a unique feature that you probably won’t find anywhere else, that is, the ability to design your own carpets which you feel will be best suited to your working environment. Considering how largely the design of a carpet can affect the ambience and atmosphere of a location or workplace, it becomes imperative that it be just the right shade with just the right design for it to blend in well.

So at the end of the day, Axminster Industrial Carpets is easily one of the best carpeting solutions companies out there, not only due to their outstanding quality, but also because of the range of features they offer.