Industrial Carpet Sales

Sales are a great way of saving money, and industrial carpet sales are no exception. Indeed, smaller businesses in particular often find that carpeting (and other peripheral expenses) are very costly and may eat in to their budget significantly. Larger businesses, meanwhile, may also find industrial carpeting to be a considerable expense due to their need for very high grade carpets that can withstand extremely heavy use. Industrial carpet sales, then, are a good way to save money – but there are several things you must keep in mind.

Getting the Right Type of Carpet

Industrial carpet sales will often be limited to a certain range of carpets, and as such you often cannot be picky about the model you get. Indeed, you may find that you will have to trade aesthetic style for quality, or both for price. It is important, however, that you know what grade of carpet you need for your purposes. Before you buy a carpet in an industrial carpet sale, it is therefore vital that you contact a qualified carpenter and explain how and where the carpet will be used, and ask them which type of carpet they would recommend. The carpet needs for a restaurant floor (which needs to be spill resistant and easy to clean) are very different from those of a high street shop (which need to be dense and able to deal with high footfall and dirt). Buying an inappropriate carpet type may lead to a highly increased rate of deterioration, and could end up costing you more than buying a suitable carpet at full price to begin with, as it will need to be replaced much sooner.

Considering Installation

A second important factor to take into account is installation. Industrial carpet sales will seldom include installation, which means that you will most commonly need to employ an external carpet fitter to install the carpet for you. Carpet fitters have two main streams of revenue, one of which is fitting, and the other is the actual sale of the carpet itself. By purchasing your carpet from an external source you are cutting out one of the key revenue streams of your fitter, which may mean that they have to charge you a slightly higher installation rate for the project to be worthwhile undertaking from their point of view.

Before you decide to purchase your industrial carpet through a sale, then, it is important that you discuss installation charges for an externally purchased carpet as opposed to a purchase/installation combination with a couple of local carpet fitters. Indeed, it may end up being cheaper (or marginally more expensive, but with the added bonus of having the carpet warranty connected with the installer, rather than a third party) purchasing the entire package of product and service from one source.

Those are the two most important factors to take into account before buying anything in an industrial carpet sale, and they are very important in determining the best value for money when buying your industrial grade carpet.