Industrial Carpet Quotes

The cost of purchasing industrial carpets will depend on the current state of your floor (is it already carpeted, and will this need to be removed and disposed of? Is the bare floor suitable for carpet installation, or will it need pre-treatment?), the type of carpet (differing materials, pile densities and designs will vary considerably in cost), and the size of the area at hand (bulk discounts are very commonly available). As such it is difficult to get an idea of industrial carpet costs without consulting a carpeting firm directly.

Getting an Exact Industrial Carpet Quote

The best way to get an exact quote is to have a representative of the carpeting firm come around to look at and measure the area. Every carpeting firm will offer, or indeed insist on, this service in order to ensure that their quotes are accurate. When booking a consultation, ensure that you ask that the representative brings around a selection of carpet samples as this will allow you to get a much better idea of the final outcome, and the type of carpet you are looking for. The representative will then measure your room, see if any extra pre-treatment is needed, and supply you with a precise quote for the entire job.

Get Several Quotes

As with any big purchase, you don’t want to accept a deal without first consulting a few competitors and getting additional quotes. As such, make sure that the carpeting firm representative gives you his or her quote in writing – this is very important, as it allows you to show their quote to other suppliers as a bargaining chip, but may also be helpful if you decide to hire the firm in question, should they try to change the cost of their service at any point during the installation or purchase process.

Going Online

Don’t just stop there, though. While getting a job quote online is difficult, you will be able to get quotes for the carpet itself. So, once you’ve chosen a carpet that you like, ask the carpeting firm for the exact name and model number of the carpet, and then do a price comparison with online suppliers. Small variations in price are to be expected, but if you find a considerably difference between your carpeting firm and online outlets, you should definitely bring this up prior to committing to a purchase. Ensure that you copy down the exact URL to any cheaper suppliers, and send these to your chosen carpeting company. They will have little choice but to bring their quote down, saving you a bit of money. However, do keep in mind that if they are a small company they may not be able to procure their goods at as low rates as (multi-)national online outlets.

In Summary

In summary, there are three things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t accept online/phone quotes – these will almost always be inaccurate, so you should insist on a representative coming around;
  • Always get multiple quotes, and use them as bargaining chips when choosing between contractors;
  • Don’t just accept their carpet price – always do an online search for the exact carpet, and see if their price is inflated.