Industrial Carpet Layers

Industrial carpet layers, also commonly referred to as carpet fitters in British English, are highly skilled professionals who specialise in fitting carpets in industrial and commercial setting. Apart from fitting carpets, they are also able to provide expert advice on what type of carpet is suitable for a specific area. Indeed, selecting an industrial carpet is not simply a matter of choosing a design and material, but there are also various other factors to take into account such as the various properties of a material and its suitability for a specific use, as well as the density and length of the carpet piles, which will affect its durability.

Finding a Qualified Carpet Layer

When choosing an industrial carpet layer it is important that you can be sure of their level of skill and professionalism. Fitting a carpet means taking a room or area out of commission for at least a day, depending on its size, and this may mean a loss of revenue; an ill-fitted or unsuitable carpet type may lead to further working being requires, thus further loss of profit. When looking for a carpet layer, or fitter, it is thus important to ensure that they are highly qualified and able to provide you with the level of service you require.

A good place to start when looking for an industrial carpet layer is the National Institute of Carpet &Floorlayers (NICF). NICF members have to undergo both practical and theoretical tests prior to being accredited, and there are several levels of membership available which offer a good indication as to the experience and ability of the layer:

  • Trainee Fitters – these are apprentice carpet layers, who learn the trade by working alongside qualified fitters;
  • Fitters – these are fully trained carpet layers who are able to provide references who vouch for the standard of their work, as well as having a theoretical examination issued by NICF;
  • Master Fitters – these are highly trained and qualified carpet layers who fulfil the criteria of fitters, but who in addition have to undergo a practical examination issued by NICF.

NICF membership is a good sign that an industrial carpet layer is qualified and able to work to a high standard.

Getting Value for Money

Regardless of the size of your project and budget, getting value for money always makes sense and is an important part of running a successful business. It is thus essential that you do thorough comparisons of the various carpet fitters available. The three key things to keep in mind when choosing an industrial carpet layer is:

  • Always insist on the fitter coming around to appraise the level of work required, as well as bringing carpet samples. This will give you the most exact quote possible, and you should always ask to be given this in writing.
  • Make sure to get multiple quotes, even though doing so is a time consuming process, as prices can vary widely.
  • Never accept an industrial carpet price without doing an online comparison; once you’ve selected a carpet, ask for the exact name and model number and do an online price comparison search.