Industrial Carpet Cleaning Solution

When it comes to industrial carpet cleaning, there are a lot of options available to you. First of all you need to choose whether you wish to perform your carpet cleaning in house – which would involve purchasing equipment which, depending on the size and type of your carpet, may be expensive, as well as training your staff – or contracting in an external industrial carpet cleaning company. Secondly, you will need to choose which method of carpet cleaning best suits your business’ needs, as they vary in terms of price, results, and time requirement.

So while choosing a carpet cleaning solution may initially seem like a small and trivial task, it does unfortunately take a bit of work – but ensuring that you make the right choice is very worthwhile indeed in the long run, both financially and in terms of time spent. Let’s take a look at the options available, starting with choosing between doing the cleaning in-house or contracting it out.

Industrial Carpet Cleaning – In-house or External Provider?

There are several factors that will affect your decision regarding whether to do your carpet cleaning in-house or hiring an external company to do it for you – and it’s a logical first step in deciding which industrial carpet cleaning solution suits your business best. A good way around it is to sit down with a checklist of your needs, current equipment, and in-house ability levels. The following should provide a solid base for such a list:

  • How large is the carpeted area?
    • Do we have enough personnel to cover this extra responsibility, or would we need to hire further staff?
    • What would the extra cost be of hiring new, or stretching current, personnel to take on this responsibility?
    • What quality of equipment would we need? Could a modest small business/home piece of equipment cover our needs?
  • Is the room is constant, or near constant use? Could it realistically be emptied of equipment and people for up to 24 hours?
    • If yes – a cheaper, older technology (such as industrial carpet shampoo cleaning solutions) may be sufficient. These are available at a relatively low cost.
    • If no – you may require the use of newer and more expensive technology, such as encapsulation. Would it be realistic for your business to spend a couple of thousand pounds of procuring this equipment?
  • Would you need to train your staff, or do they already possess the relevant knowledge and skills?

These questions should help set you on the right track in terms of deciding whether to contract in an external provider or do your carpet cleaning in house.

Choice of Industrial Carpet Cleaning Method

The second, but equally important, step, is to choose which type of industrial carpet cleaning solution best suits your needs. The following diagram should give you some guidance:

Industrial Carpet Cleaning Solution

However, do ensure that you research the respective industrial carpet cleaning solutions in more detail prior to making your decision. The diagram above is meant simply as summary guidance.