Choosing Industrial Carpet Cleaning

Choosing an industrial carpet cleaner is no small task, and it will almost definitely require more time than you would prefer spending on it. Doing it right the first time around will save you both time and money, however, so unexciting as it may be it is highly worthwhile doing. The following pointers should help you speed up the process, as well as ensure that you end up with a supplier that will suit your needs.

Check Their References

When choosing an industrial carpet cleaner, you don’t want to end up with a duff provider. There are some shoddy cleaners out there who use out-dated methods, have poor work ethic, and don’t have the equipment necessary to ensure that the process is a smooth and quick as possible. When choosing your industrial carpet cleaning service provider, it’s therefore important to check who they’re working with at the moment. Most companies will have a list of selected current clients on display, and most of them won’t mind if you give them a quick ring to see if they’re happy.

Have They Got the Technology?

There are several different methods available, and some are doubtless better than others. Older methods such as shampooing, for example, are both time consuming and generally lead to worse results – though it is often cheaper. It may therefore be suitable for a smaller business, or back-offices that can be treated over the weekend, but not for the reception of a hotel. When choosing your industrial carpet cleaning provider, make sure that their methods suit you: as about drying times, how deep the clean is, what post-treatment chemicals they use (anti-stain, for instance) and whether they can provide industrial fans to dry your carpet as efficiently as possible.

Are They Available with Short Notice?

This is especially important for businesses that have carpeted areas exposed to customers. If we return to the example of a hotel lobby, for instance, a big red wine stain could look absolutely awful right in front of the reception desk – but may be very difficult to get out with non-industrial equipment. A good provided will have an emergency cleaning service available for return customers.

Are They Offering You a Fair Price?

Last, but certainly not least, always make sure that you’re being offered a good price when choosing an industrial carpet cleaning provider. Due to customer’s relative lack of knowledge of the service, there are many unscrupulous providers out there who will overcharge you unless you haggle. So before you sign anything, ensure that you check the rates of several local providers as well as doing an online search to see what an equivalent service would cost in other parts of your country. This last step is important because, as it is such a specialised service, natural ‘cartels’ can occasionally occur in small areas with limited competition, and the only way to get the price down may be to point out that other providers in towns nearby are considerably cheaper.