Hiring Industrial Carpet Machinery

Industrial carpet machinery can refer to machines which can be divided further into, firstly, carpet installation machinery, and secondly, carpet cleaning machinery. Hiring carpet installation machinery is not recommended, as installing a carpet – and industrial carpeting in particular – is a highly skilled process. It requires not only that you are aware of the different layers that make up an industrial carpet (pile, backing, underlay) and the ways of affixing the carpet to the floor (e.g. when to use adhesives as opposed to nails or gripper rods) but also how to do so safely and correctly. An ill-fitted carpet will not only detract from the aesthetics of the room, but may also be a health hazard (should it come loose, for instance). Thus, this article will focus on the rental of industrial carpet cleaning machinery, rather than installation machinery.

Industrial Carpet Cleaning Hiring Costs

The rental cost of industrial carpet cleaning machinery will, as one would expect, vary depending on your needs. For a smaller area and/or lighter carpets (with a lower pile density and thickness) you may only need to rent a domestic quality or light industrial machine. These are available to rent from as little as £25 per day (with additional days generally costing less, in the area of £15 per day); a machine in this price range will be of a vacuum-like design, and are operated in a very similar way, as such they are not suitable for larger areas. They are also not suitable for higher grade industrial carpet, as the combination of higher pile density and more dirt means that they require more powerful machines.

For larger and denser carpets, you will need to rent an industrial grade machine. These will vary quite considerably in price depending on your precise requirements, and could cost anywhere between £50 (for a small but dense carpet, these will be hand-operated) to £200. The more expensive machine is suitable for very large and heavily used carpets, such as large offices, hotels, and conference centres; they are fairly similar to a ride-on lawnmower in design, and thus require a lot of open space to be operated successfully. They also provide the deepest and most thorough clean available.

Rent or Buy

When looking in to carpet cleaning you will inevitably consider whether buying or hiring industrial carpet machinery is better, and this will depend on how frequently you clean your carpets as well as their type and size. For a smaller carpeted area with a lower grade industrial carpet, a suitable machine would cost you in the area of £500, and this would be equivalent to the £25 per day rental equipment; as such, you would need to use the machine 20 times in order to break even as compared to renting, and assuming that you clean you carpets at least every 3 months and that it takes you no more than 1 day to do so, this will take you 5 years. Thus it may make more sense to rent a machine (which will be kept in good condition by the rental company, leaving you one less thing to worry about) for small and medium sized and density carpets.