Frieze Industrial Carpet

If you own a business, be it an office, a shop floor, a bed and breakfast, a hotel, a pub or whatever other type of business, you will have had to take flooring into consideration.  In a business, you need a floor cover that will be long lasting and easy to clean, whilst being pleasing to the eye.  Furthermore, as it needs to cover a business premise, you hold responsibility for the people that walk on the flooring that you have chosen.  Hence, you need to make sure that the flooring you choose is hard wearing, as any rips or tears for example could cause someone to injure themselves in a slip, trip or fall.  And in this day in age, that could lead to expensive law suits as well, of course!  Frieze industrial carpet is a great choice, and one brand that is gaining in popularity throughout the UK.

What Is Frieze Industrial Carpet?

Frieze industrial carpet is a type of carpet that is regularly used in businesses and offices.  It is a cut pile carpet consisting of twisted fibres.  Because the individual fibres curl in the carpet, it creates an informal look that hides many problems such as stains and spills.  Because it will also not show footprints and dirt as easily as other types of carpet, it is often used as an industrial carpet. 

Frieze industrial carpet is made by knotting the pile through a stiff, hard wearing backing.  Following this, it is sheared so that the knots are the same length.  They are generally quite soft to the feel and you could walk on them with no shoes on, making frieze industrial carpet very suitable for hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts.

Where Can I Purchase Frieze Industrial Carpet?

Frieze industrial carpet can be purchased from most carpet stores and particularly from carpet stores that specialise in industrial carpets.  Carpet stores are available across the country, as well as online and are easy to find.  Many towns have industrial estates, which is a favoured location for carpet stores and employees of carpet stores will be happy to help you with information around the best frieze industrial carpet for you to suit your needs and budget.

Estimated Costs of Frieze Industrial Carpet

The cost of frieze industrial carpet will vary greatly depending on:

  • the thickness of the carpet you require
  • the design of the carpet
  • the colour that you decide on
  • the size of the area you need to have covered
  • how hard wearing you need your frieze industrial carpet to be

Frieze industrial carpet is a favourite for many businesses, as it feels soft on the feet, hides imperfections and is available in almost any colour and design.  It is important to remember that if you own a business, it is your responsibility to make sure your carpet is not only pleasing to the eye but also hard wearing to ensure the risk of accidents is minimised at all times.