Floorcraft Industrial Carpet

Industrial carpet, also known as commercial, is the type of carpet that is used in areas that have very heavy traffic.  Many carpets that you would use in the home, known as residential carpets, can be suitable for heavy traffic.  This is the type of carpet that you would generally have in a hallway, for example.  However, heavy traffic in a home is by far not as heavy as what you would find in a commercial property, particularly in reception areas, office floors or hotel rooms.  Industrial carpets often come in tile form, making them easier to lay and also easier to transport to the office or building where they need to be.

What Is AJ Floorcraft Industrial Carpet?

AJ Floorcraft Industrial Carpet is a company in Derby, United Kingdom, that specialises in all types of carpet, including residential, industrial and commercial.  One of their specialities is using industrial carpet tiles to create logos, patterns and designs on your floor, giving it a sophisticated and modern look.  They also offer specialist impervious backed carpeting, which is particularly suitable for places such as hospitals and nursing homes.

AJ Floorcraft Indutrial Carpet offer woven carpets that offer the strength and durability that are necessary to withstand very heavy foot traffic, particularly in hotels, bars and function rooms for example.

Where Can I Purchase AJ Floorcraft Industrial Carpet?

AJ Floorcraft Industrial Carpet has a showroom in Derby, which is open six days a week, closed on Sunday.  They also offer a comprehensive brochure and will be happy to provide you with information or a quotation in person, over the telephone or via email.  AJ Floorcraft Industrial Carpet will fit carpets across the United Kingdom and do not restrict themselves just to their local area of Derby.

Estimated Costs of AJ Floorcraft Industrial Carpet

The price of carpets from AJ Floorcraft Indutrial Carpet will vary greatly depending on:

  • the type of industrial carpet you require. 
  • the colour and material you choose
  • whether or not you need a design incorporated in the flooring.

Naturally, the price will also vary depending on the size of the area you need carpeting. 

Having an industrial or commercial carpet in your office or building can be of vital importance.  Not only are they easy to clean and often able to hide marks such as small spills and footprints, but they can also be essential in maintaining the safety of your staff, visitors, customers and clients.  A residential carpet can easily tear and snag, and if someone were to trip over it you could find yourself in a lot of problems.  You are responsible for the health and safety of visitors to your site, and that includes ensuring the risk of slips, trips and falls is minimised.  Luckily, with a carpet from AJ Floorcraft Industrial Carpet, you can achieve not just safety and cleanliness, but also a modern and stylish look, or even a logo incorporated in your floor, for a very good price.