Carpet Court Industrial Carpet

If you have an office or showroom, you will be in need of specialised carpet.  As traffic on your floor will be much higher than that in a home, a normal carpet, even one for heavy traffic, is unsuitable.  You also hold a responsibility towards the health and safety of your employees and customers, which means you need to ensure at all times that your carpet is well maintained and safe to walk on.  This is why businesses and companies use industrial carpet.  Industrial carpet usually comes in the form of tiles, rather than a roll of carpet, and is very hard wearing and long lasting, specifically designed for high traffic.

What Is Carpet Court Industrial Carpet?

Carpet Court Industrial Carpet is a company that specialises in carpets and flooring, including carpet, timber, bamboo and vinyl.  Carpet Court Industrial Carpet understands the need for businesses to have carpets that are easy to maintain, resistant to wear and tear and attractive and pleasing to the eye.  Some industrial carpets need to be thick and luxurious, whilst retaining the qualities of resistance and easy cleaning, for example in hotels.

Where Can I Purchase Carpet Court Industrial Carpet?

Carpet Court Industrial Carpet is based in Australia and they have three main locations:

  • Their corporate office in Mt Waverley
  • Their NSW Head Office in Northmead
  • Their WA Office and Warehouse in Welshpool

It is possible to write to Carpet Court Industrial Carpet in each of these locations, but they can also be contacted via telephone or in writing at any of their offices, as well as through email.  Naturally, they also have a bespoke website, clearly outlining their products and services, as well as their work ethics.  Carpet Court Industrial Carpet also has stores across the Australian continent and store locations can be found through their website.

Estimated Costs of Carpet Court Industrial Carpet

The costs offered by Carpet Court Industrial Carpet vary greatly depending on the exact nature of your project and the type of carpet you require.  Factors to take into consideration are fibre types, preferred style and underlay.  It is a good idea to closely monitor the Carpet Court Industrial Carpet website and stores, as they regularly offer very interesting offers and promotions, potentially allowing you to save a lot of money.

Having industrial carpet in place in areas with heavy traffic is of vital importance.  Not just because you require specific carpets that are able to withstand the amount of traffic that is expected in a business, or because you want your carpet to look appealing and pleasing to the eye, but also because of the health and safety aspect:  a worn area, tear or snag in your carpet can cause slips, trips and falls, potentially leading to serious injury.  This is something you will want to avoid at all cost, naturally.  Luckily, there are companies around the world that specialise in industrial carpets, Carpet Court Industrial Carpet in Australia being just one of them.