Industrial Carpet

The term industrial carpet may conjure up images of metal sheets used as carpet or something equally machine like and dull. However all that industrial carpets are, are carpets that have been manufactured through industrial means, instead of being hand made by a real person, it has been mass produced through the use of machinery.

Many people assume that mass production means the quality of something will be low, but the machinery that makes these types of carpets are not half welded together chunks of metal, they are state of the art robotic production machines that combine quality production with rapid speed.

Where To Use Them?

A lot of people think that you should only use industrial carpets in commercial properties, such as office buildings or shops. Whilst they are ideal for those uses, since they are quite cheap to buy and they offer a professional feel, they can also be used in homes.

One of the best ways to include them in homes is to use them for apartment blocks, they need huge amounts of carpet and as long as the carpet is of a good quality, it doesn't matter if it doesn't have a stylish pattern or trendy finish.

What Is The Quality Like?

Industrial carpets are made in the same way that household carpets are made, through a machine based manufacturing process, whilst the process is the same, the quality is not the same. This is not a bad thing, simply horses for courses, most home owners will want comfortable and soft carpets, which probably won't last their life times but it will be nice to look at and walk on.

Industrial carpets however are meant for commercial uses, the comfort doesn't need to be as high, even in a shop where the general public walk in and out, the public will be wearing shoes and will not notice the difference in comfort. Instead industrial carpets are meant to be tough and withstand general wear and tear that comes from hundreds of people treading on them, unlike most house hold carpets.

Where To Buy?

If you are looking to buy industrial carpet, then chances are that it won't be a small quantity that you will be looking to buy, therefore you really need to think through the needs that the carpet will need to satisfy before committing to buy. Just like when buying household carpets, the best thing to do is get hold of a carpet book, that you will hopefully be able to take away with you and show to your associates.

In terms of actual places to buy industrial carpets, you can't just roll up to a commercial carpetĀ  shop and expect to find huge amounts of industrial carpets on offer, as they normally cater to people looking for carpets intended for home use. Try talking to colleagues in your industry and ask them to recommend a good place to buy industrial carpets from, even if they give you a glowing review of a certain outlet, shop around and go to as many places as possible before buying.